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Your clients can fill out custom forms, book your services and reach out to you all without leaving your website, from phones, computers and tablets.

Sell products, memberships and packages online with a shopping cart.

Appointment reminders

Reduce no-shows, effortlessly.

Automate appointment reminders.

Create separate rules for manager, staff and clients.

Add, modify and remove reminders in appointments.


Filters make it easy to work with a lot of events.

Add notes with pictures and share an event without leaving the page.

The worker drop-down filter is fast and easy to use.

Search by pet, client or worker.

Check in, update, complete, invoice, delete appointments and share, all from the Agenda page.

Agenda view can be used by managers, workers and pet owners. All see events that are setup for public listing. All see appointments they are part of, managers see their workers' and clients' appointments.


View, share and add notes with pictures to events without leaving the 5 days, week or month view.

View appointments by month, week, 5 days or day.

A Room-centric week view.

A worker-centric week view.

Fast and easy to use worker drop-down lets you filter by worker without reloading the page.

Filter by name of pet or client.

Easily navigate between months and days with quick access to appointments.

See color-coded real-time status of appointments such as coming up, in-progress, and completed.

Quickly change text size for better reading/viewing experience.


Group events and capacity. Capacity for clients and pets can be set to more than 1 in which case more than one pet owner can be part of an event.

Public listing. An event may be publicly listed which means it will show up in your clients' calendars and pet owners will be able to request to Join. Manager can manage the waiting list by accepting or declining.

Get automated daily appointment reminders (for workers, managers and pet owners).

An appointment can be:

Pet owner submits an appointment request. Pet care provider accepts it or proposes changes. Once both parties agree, the appointment is set.
Pet owner submits a Join request to join an event. Pet care provider sees the request on a waiting list for a publicly listed event, they accept or decline.
Checked in
Workers can check in to appointments. Appointment start time will be updated, status will change to 'in progress' and optionally GPS location can be stored and the pet owner can get notified.
Worker can update an appointment in progress with photos and text notes. Optionally the pet owner can get notified of each update.
Checked out
Worker can check out of an appointment. Event end time and optionally GPS info are updated. of appointment Appointment status changes to 'completed'. Optionally pet owner can get notified.
Worker can Complete an appointment. Start and end time are not updated. Appointment status changes to 'completed'. Optionally pet owner can get notified.

Appointment information is entered when booking and/or updating appointments. The appointment form is customizable per Service Category, so if your business offers Boarding as well as Walking services, you may want to ask for different kinds of information and set different default values for different service types. For example, for Boarding services you can set the default location and make it not-editable by pet owners. When a pet owner books a Boarding service they will see the location you set, but will not be able to change it. Configure viewability and editability of each field.


Add as many as you need.

Securely store client information (addresses, phone numbers, notes and the custom fields you define).

Customize what information is stored and who can view and edit it.

Search for a client by name.

Invoice a client from the Clients page. When creating a new invoice from Invoices page a list of clients with un-invoiced items will be shown.

Client sign up is optional.

Clients who do not sign up receive branded invoices, pay with a credit card, and receive check in, update, and check out notifications.

Clients who sign up can request, view and manage appointments in real-time. They can also take advantage of simplified payments. A client may enable a pet care provider to charge their credit card and view previous reports and invoices.

Custom fields are there to track additional client information important to your unique business.


Add as many as you need.

Search for pets by client or pet name.

Customize the pet form: add, remove and edit fields. You decide which pet information is mandatory and which is optional.

Appointments are managed at pet level, so for multiple pets you can keep track of notes, pictures, etc.

Vaccination information includes description, date administered, expiration and veterinarian.

Get automated vaccination expiration reminders.

Accept Payments

Accept credit card payments with ease.

No need to maintain a merchant account.

No need to connect to a payment gateway.

No need to shoulder the burden of PCI compliance.

All you need to do is tell Stripe your bank account number and allow Easy Busy Pets to deposit funds. We take care of the rest.

You have the option to refund a transaction processed via credit card right from the Invoices page.

A transaction fee that is always same, no hidden fees, no monthly fees - no surprizes at end of month.


Invoice clients by name or see a list of clients with outstanding amounts.

Add a custom field to invoice header. This may be useful for VAT or other tax/business info.

Add a footer to invoices. Say thanks and remind of payment terms.

Auto-generate an invoice by selecting a date range and client.

Add, remove and edit invoice lines including:
date, service / description, price / rate, quantity, discount (percentage or dollar amount), tax, and more.

Add a text note to an invoice.

Optionally pass transaction fee to client on credit card payments. Fee is calculated automatically.

Optionally auto-email invoice to client once created.

Existing invoices support some or all of following actions:

  • download as PDF,
  • email,
  • copy,
  • edit,
  • cancel,
  • delete,
  • mark as paid (if paid by credit card, invoice is automatically marked as 'paid by cc'),
  • mark as unpaid,
  • mark as uncollectable,
  • refund (if paid by credit card, selecting refund will refund the full amount and update status of invoice automatically).

Real-time business analytics include:

  • total and per client gross revenue,
  • total and per client outstanding amount,
  • number of clients.


Put your company name, colors and logo in front of your clients online, in PDFs of invoices and in email.

Engage customers directly from your website. Add login and appointment request links for pet owners, so anyone who is interested in your service can take immediate action.

On Contact Us page, logged in pet owners' inquiries will be automatically sent to their pet care provider or to HappyGoMobile for website related questions.

All emails from your business to you clients will be branded with your colors, logo and company name.

Custom Forms

The uniqueness of your business and service offering will flourish on, we enable you with the tools you need to offer a premium customer experience.

Custom forms enable you to control what information you collect about appointments, pets and clients.

You get to gather rich, relevant information about appointments, clients and pets to provide a great service.

You decide what the form looks like. Make fields mandatory and assign who can view and/or edit information (you, workers, clients).


Choose from over 50 permissions to give just the right amount of system access to individual workers.

Assign a Payroll calculation that makes sense to your business for each service you offer.

Automatically calculate payroll report per worker.

Enable and track tips and gratuities.

Pause and resume staff accounts.

Assign clients to workers.