Outdoor cats live an exciting life.  They explore, hunt and scavenge in a variety of habitats.  On the other side, indoor cats have little to do and often become bored.  Have you noticed your cat acting aggressive in play?  Are you pestered for play during inappropriate hours?  Is kitty destroying things around the house? Sometime our cats become reclusive and retreat from new people or new objects as their way of showing boredom.
When Hot to Trot Dog Walking comes to your home, we'll spend our time playing with your kitty to stimulate his brain and body.  Giving him a great mental workout.  If your kitty is more into brushing and belly rubs, we'll do that too.  If you would like your cat to take a walk outside, we have a special cat-leash to do just that.  We have lots of ideas to keep your cat entertained and improve both of your lives.  Litter boxes are no trouble for us.  We can do that too!