Puppies are fabulous, but come with their own set of challenges.  You bring them home and now what?  
Bring us into the picture when you want or have a new puppy.  We'll help you prepare your home and know something about the breed your choosing.  Knowing what to expect and having someone to call when you need help can be priceless. 
Those first few weeks away from 'Mom' are really tough for a young pup and the days are filled with opportunities to wreak havoc on your home.  The more prepared you are will match the positive results you get.  Have you decided to crate train?  Puppies need very frequent trips outside all day long for effective house training.  They are a huge commitment but worth every effort.  
The first year contains frequent veterinary visits, we provide taxi service and are willing to stay during the visit with your pup.  This way you don't have to miss a day or work or school.  We'll give you a detailed report of the visit and communicate any concerns or questions you have to the vet. 
The first year of a pups life is the best time to socialize them.  Hot to Trot Dog Walking enjoys taking your pet out for safe and controlled socializing situations.  Socialization helps puppies develop into happy, fun and safe life long companions.